Python for air traffic control?

Peter Milliken peter.milliken at
Wed Jul 4 01:07:12 CEST 2001

> >>
> >>Suppose that the only language choices are between C/C++ and
> >>Python, and that the real-time resolution requirement is on the
> >>order of one second. Which would you choose and why?
> >
Sorry, won't answer because it is not a realistic situation i.e. the choice
wouldn't be between C/C++ and Python :-).

> >The one thing about Python that would give me pause is the
> >dynamic memory management.  But, I'd have the same concerns if
> >the C/C++ program used malloc/free.
> Precisely.  Actually, I'd have greater concerns with C/C++, because at
> least in Python I'd have a reasonable degree of confidence in what
> happens when memory gets exhausted.

The language specifications for safety critical applications almost always
(I say that because I have only seen a couple :-)) preclude the use of
dynamic memory constructs altogether! They do this because of the concerns
you express.


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