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>Hey folks,
>Being interested in looking at (and understanding) design patterns [GOF] in
>python... and having gone through the obligatory google searches etc.. I am
>still somewhat frustrated by the lack of currently available information
>relating to this specific subject. I mean there ARE some smatterings of
>implementation and insight, but as of now there is no single source for
>python patterns that has developed anything like authoritative mass or
>actually succeeded in 'comprehensively' covering the patterns in GOF book.
>Being a newbie, still a minor snakelet, I was wondering if there would be
>interest in an effort by some of the more lucid pythonistas out there to
>contribute their offerings to some central source: say the python cookbook
>or sourceforge or whatever. twould be a great service to the community!
>BTW I found this to be a useful link for an overview of the situation:

Well, there used to be a Python Pattern-SIG:

At some point Guido shot it down, because it was too silent 
and, in fact, it wasn't producing anything useful like a Python 
Catalog of Python Idioms, Pattern and Frameworks, which, 
in retrospect, it should have had as a real mission statement, 
I guess.

Back then it was said that pattern issues were discussed in 
a sufficient manner on comp.lang.python. I'm still not so happy 
with that, because this is a place to get easily lost, but YMMV
and there are other sigs with only very few messages per month.

Hmm, maybe someone wants to get it going again?!


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