The best gui library for newbies.

Ken Seehof kens at
Mon Jul 30 19:50:53 EDT 2001

"David A." <man_at_moon at> wrote:

> H~i I program in python for some time now. And I would like to beegin
> some gui's and other graphical programming. The thing I want to know is
> one is the best gui toolkit for python when you are a newbie? Wxpython,
> tkinter?? Whatis important for me is easy of use and well documented!!
> is what I am looking for.
> Thank you for any help in advance!!!

wxPython.  And the first thing to do after you download it is RTFD - Run The
Freakin Demo!

In addition the the regular documentation, which is good and complete
(except for the fact that it is really C++ documentation instead of python
documentation), you should check out wxPyWiki (a community driven
documentation system).

If you are creating dialogs, you also should get wxDesigner, a really awsome
dialog editor: (unfortunately, this site seems to be having
problems right now)

- Ken Seehof

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