proposed language change to int/int==float (was: PEP0238 lament)

Bruce Sass bsass at
Thu Jul 26 10:15:07 CEST 2001

On Thu, 26 Jul 2001, Duncan Booth wrote:

> lomax at (Frank "Cookie Jar" Lomax) wrote in
> news:mailman.996073073.17868.python-list at
> > No, 1 cookie for 2 children always means no cookies for either child,
> > lots of crumbs for the dog to lick up, and years of therapy for the
> > entire family.
> >
> > proof-that-integer-division-causes-thousands-of-disfunctional-families-
> >     per-year-and-must-be-abolished-ly y'rs, - frank
> >
> This newsgroup is getting decidedly surreal this morning. the post above
> was immediately followed in my newsreader by one beginning:
> > Check out the Cookie module in the Python distribution:
> >
> >
> >
> > It includes a simple example of how to use cookies from Python.

and if you are using Linux you can have Coffee with your cookies...


Georgatos Photis, < gef at>

v0.5, 15 January 1998


   One of the most bothering remarks on software, I have ever heard,
   is weather this or that thing can make coffee. So, Linux
   DOES make coffee. And it tastes good, instead!


The main problem is how to control the coffee machine with the
computer, so that it will be controlled by software. This generally
means an ON/OFF switch implemented as a circuit which controls the
coffee-machine's power supply.




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