Informix IDS2000 and Zope/Python/Perl/PHP on Linux

Matjaz Ostroversnik matjaz.ostroversnik at
Thu Jul 26 15:46:19 CEST 2001

Hi Thomas

We are using RH 6.2, IIF 2000, apache and PHP 4.0.4 pl1 for our HCV RNA
It works fine for one year. We bounce the database twice in this time.
There are some problems with apache, php, ifx combination, beacuse from time
to time we can observe a rather big list of db sessions, but restarting of
solved the problem.
We are even using php (command line mode) for communication with laboratory
We are using the same combination for some number of less important
applications and we do not have any complaints.

"Thomas Volkmar Worm" <worm at> wrote in message
news:3B600F47.2F59C1FC at
> Hi all!
> I am consindering to use Informix Dynamic Server (Informix Internet
> Foundation 2000/Linux) together with Zope and the other 3 P's.
> I wonder, whether somebody has any experience with Linux and
> - IDS 2000 and Perl
> or
> - IDS 2000 and PHP
> or
> -  IDS 2000 and Python
> or
> - IDS 2000 and Zope
> and can tell me about the experience he made with one or more of these
> combinations. I am interested to hear about
> - availibility of the needed drivers
> - their (practical) compatibility to (eg. perl DBI, python DB-API 2.0,
> etc.)
> - stability
> - and what else someone has experienced
> I already was an,,, - I guess I
> know whats available. It looks to me as if the support for IDS is not so
> strong, so I am really interested in real experience somebody had rather
> that what you can read in the READMEs. If you stopped using IDS together
> with P..., please tell me why and what db (other than mySQL, thats
> allready running here) are you using instead.
> If some Informix/IBM people are around: Are there any contributions
> planned or in progress for the 3 P's by Informix/IBM? Where can I find
> online information about it?
> If you respond to this posting, please send a CC to my email-address
> too.
> Thanks for your efforts in advance
> Regards
> Thomas Volkmar Worm

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