Python for Commercial Games?

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>>  I suspect that Infocom-style interactive fiction, with good production
>>values and nice packaging, could sell again just fine.  You'd have to
>>sell it outside of most computer game shops, though, because the games
>>publishing and distribution networks just won't carry it, and the games
>>magazines won't review it (they're all run by and for hyperactive
>>adolescent males (of all ages))...
> ...and genders.  ;-)

  Hah!  When I was writing, I included exactly that clause, but then
removed it because I couldn't think of any female game designers,
publishers, or reviewers who trade in the "hyperactive adolescent male"
genre, except possibly the "booth babes" at game developer's conferences
(and they're almost universally hired models or non-game-design
employees) or the female "mascot" at one of the game review mags (that
specific word was used to describe her by one of the male reviewers...)

  There are women in game design (VASTLY fewer than there ought to be,
but a few), but they behave like adults, mostly.  Which is why they
don't sell much...  |+(

  I love games design, but I really really despise the games industry.
Does it show much?

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