Language change and code breaks (fwd)

Peter Hansen peter at
Fri Jul 20 07:37:46 EDT 2001

James Logajan wrote:
> Peter Hansen wrote:
> >  1. They are inactive in the Python community and are
> >     therefore unaware of the upcoming code breakage.
> >
> >  2. Their code is dependent on the existing integer
> >     division behaviour, and yet they are not amongst
> >     the classes of users identified in this newsgroup
> >     as being the most likely to be impacted.
> >
> >  3. They are incapable of maintaining their code,
> >     and simultaneously are entirely at the mercy of
> >     outside forces who may choose to upgrade them
> >     against their will or without their knowledge to
> >     the new and incompatible version of Python.
> >
> >     Or, they are not at the mercy of outside forces,
> >     yet mysteriously cannot *avoid* upgrading their
> >     Python installations and thus breaking their
> >     own code (which they somehow cannot maintain).
> >
> >  4. Were we to develop and make easily available to
> >     them a scanner capable at least of identifying
> >     the probability they will suffer code breakage,
> >     they would be unable to use it, whether for
> >     (1) or (3).
> >
> > Have I missed anything?
> I'm sure you could think of many more insults if you just tried harder. Just
> how many years have you been in commercial software development anyway?

Did you miss the thread up until this point?  

I neither intended the above to be insulting nor, as far as I 
can tell, *is* anything in the above insulting.

Therefore, I agree completely with you.  I could *definitely*
think of more insults (than zero) if I tried.  

I've been in commercial software development since roughly 1981.

(Perhaps you consider something in *this* posting insulting too.
If you do, we clearly have a different definition of insulting.
You, by the way, were obviously trying to insult me, and I honestly
have no idea why.)

Peter Hansen, P.Eng.
peter at

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