A use for integer quotients

Glen Wheeler wheelege at tsn.cc
Tue Jul 24 11:09:08 CEST 2001

> > [Just van Rossum]
> > > Do you really want 2047 bytes to be shown as 1 kbyte?
> > > Integer division is a lousy tool in this particular example...
> [Terry Reedy]
> > Just, this is stupid, wrong, and gratuitously insulting,
> > and therefore, in my opinion, ugly and nasty.
> I think you're terribly overreacting. Sorry if I offended anyone,
> I admit that first line of mine is a dumb assumption. To put it more
> subtly: *I* would never use int arithmetic for this sort of thing in
> Python.

  Right, I think this is a good time for everybody to cool down...Just is
clearly not being offensive here.
  The same arguments are being stated over and over again by the pro 1/2==0
side, and the same refutements are being stated by the other side.
  My opinion is that if Guido wants it changed even in the light of all
these arguments, then so be it.  Sure I'll have to change a little bit of
code, but that's alright.  I distribute alot of my stuff as stand-alone
packages anyway - the user never has to worry about upgrading, unless it's
>MY< upgrade - which isn't going to break anything.


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