Methods of setting class attributes

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Wed Jul 25 08:40:32 EDT 2001

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>hnowak wrote:

>> Assuming you just want the default behavior to set attributes in a class 
>> get going, this is a common idiom:
>> class Foo:
>>     def __init__(self, x):
>>         self.x = x
>>         self.y = "blah"
>Yes. That is assigning in constructor. But what to do if I want to make
>an assignment after the object is created? Thats normal during object
>life. Simply object.attrib=something, etc? I know it works, but I'm not
>sure if it is in python style.

Yes, it's the normal way to do it:

foo = Foo()
foo.x = 37
# etc...

>> Python is much more dynamic than C++ and attributes of a class or instance 
>> be set or deleted at will.
>Right! I'v noticed that and it is not easy to adopt. What about class
>interface? There is simply none in python, because I can change it at
>any time. Strange.

Other people missed this feature too. I think proposals for an interface 
mechanism were discussed in the Type-SIG some time ago. Also, there's a PEP 
you might be interested in:


--Hans Nowak

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