PEP0238 lament

Peter Hansen peter at
Tue Jul 24 22:41:12 EDT 2001

Stephen Horne wrote:
> I cannot believe I am the only person who has gone out on a limb
> advocating Python and who is now going to end up looking a right arse.

I expect to look somewhat arse-like, but I also believe that
a sufficiently long time before this proposed change becomes
the default will allow time to spread the arse-likeness out 
a little and maybe even hide it completely.

> The only one shouting so much ATM, maybe ;-)

You probably do need to take a day off, if nothing else to 
rest your mind and fingers a little and come back with 
a fresh view.  

(I happen to appreciate your focus on this, though, in case 
you thought you were entirely alone.  I also happen to 
believe there is room for some further "negotiation"
before a final plan is settled on which definitely breaks
code.  Maybe two operators, and in any case at least 
much further consideration of backwards compatibility 
options and so on.)

Peter Hansen, P.Eng.
peter at

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