Is Python Dead?

Steve Williams stevewilliams at
Thu Jul 5 17:46:30 CEST 2001

Resty Cena wrote:

> "Edward B. Wilson II" <ed at> wrote in message news:<MNS%6.355$Xs4.225014 at>...
> > I have been following Python for five years now, and I am still just as
> > frustrated with it as I was in 1996.
> >
> > Python still doesn't have good database support,
> I, too, have been following Python since 1996, waiting all the while
> to make it easy for me to do database programming.


How about this little jewel returned by a Google search on "Python DB2 AIX"?


     Question 10:
          DB/2 can be used whit PHP or Pyton ?
     Answered by Nanda Pilaka:
          DB2's supports C/C++/Java/COBOL/REXX/Basic/Perl/Fortran currently.
          Python is not supported.

We now return you to the whitespace discussion currently in progress. . .

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