File Reading , Reverse Direction

chris liechti cliechti at
Fri Jul 27 20:26:22 CEST 2001

Ratnakar Malla <rmalla1 at> wrote in news:3B610A3C.5AF439E4 at
> Hi,
> Thanx for the lightning reply.
> Well , sorry for not speciying my platform. It is a pentium , running
> Windows 2000.
> what I really wanted was some sort of "tail " kind of functionality.
> Unfortunately, there is no "tail" command in Windows. I was just
> wondering, if there is any better way than reading the entire file into
> memory. Anyways thanx for your reply. I am sticking with readlines()
> Cheers,
> Ratnakar

ok thats somewhat offtopic - but the CygWIN distribution 
( includes all the nice unix commands 
on win32. in the newest version python is also included and the c-compiler 
(GCC) is nice for writing extesions.


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