Python: Database to Web Part II (and "teaching language")

Ville Vainio vvainio at
Mon Jul 9 03:30:58 EDT 2001

web2ed at (Edward Wilson) writes:

> I have been hoping that someone else would write Oracle, DB2, and SQL
> Server drivers/modules for Python, so I wouldn't have to.  Mostly
> because I haven't had time, and also because such an undertaking is
> better suited for a group with a formal review board rather than an
> individual code Maverick.

I have to agree with this. There should be one, obvious choice for a
database package. This would do wonders to popularity of Python and
would beef up all attempts to convince management (and fellow
programmers) that Python is a superior solution. It should also be
non-restricted open source (not GPL, not "free for non-commercial

> I dare say, that Python would smash Java, Perl, Visual Basic, and any
> other new age tool (C/C++ dodgers) if it only had certifiable database
> support on par with that of JDBC.  This is not to say that JPython, or

We will see what Micro$soft's .NET will bring along as far as DB
support goes... if it would make all languages "equal" in DB access
(and Python gets a good .NET support), the stage is ours on the Win32
arena :-).

> I pray to the Python Gods "please bless us with a Python JDBC
> counterpart" and all in the world will be in balance.


BTW, another thing to do for the "image" of python - stop emphasizing
the newbie-friendlines, it traditionally repels the more advanced
programmers who often think there is a trade-off between that and
power. "Teaching language" is a somewhat uninteresting concept,
learning to program isn't hard enough to warrant having languages
specific to that. Besides, only l4m3rs need to be taught programming
anyway ;-).

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