Norton AV 2001 + popen + WinMe = crash

Kirby Urner urner at
Thu Jul 26 20:34:54 CEST 2001

Thanks for the enlightening chatter guys.

I forwarded Tim's "appalled" post (above) to Symantec NAV tech support
and within 24 hours got a message back that the problem was fixed for
NAV 2001 Ver 7.07 -- all I'd need to do is run LiveUpdate to get the 
latest version (must have come out recently, as I run LiveUpdate a lot
-- was it since my post?...)

Anyway, I did as advised, and it works!  popen and its flavors now work
with NAV enabled.  Hooray.


"Tim Peters" < at> wrote:
>[Kirby Urner]
>> So how does IDLE invoke the browser if not with popen and if
>> it uses popen, then why can't I from the IDLE shell?  The kind
>> of question that keeps me up at night.
>[David Bolen]
>> At least this can be answered by looking at the source, and let you
>> get some sleep :-)


>> So there's no popen() involved.
>Almost all correct.  Thanks, David!  The 2.0 truth is hairier than it looks,
>because win32api doesn't ship with the base Python distribution:  2.0 also
>uses webbrowser and os.startfile(), and indeed the latter function was
>introduced at the last second for 2.0 precisely so that IDLE wouldn't have
>to use MS popen().

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