incrementing characters

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Mon Jul 23 19:00:25 EDT 2001

On Mon, 23 Jul 2001 18:22:02 GMT, Nick Perkins <nperkins7 at> wrote:
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>> how do you interate a letter or string? for instance:
>> a + 1 = b
>> or
>> aa + 1 = ab
>> etc. in c it is similar to above and i am guessing there is an equally
>> simple way to do it in python, i just can't figure it out. thank you
>> for your time and help.

perl makes this simple:

$s = "aabc";
print "$s\n";
$s = "zzzz";
print "$s\n";

would print:

I think in python I would create some kind of IncrementableString class
which does exactly what I want it to do on only the right kind of data.

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