Python for air traffic control?

Van Gale cgale1 at
Thu Jul 5 03:10:53 EDT 2001

"Grant Edwards" <grante at> wrote in message
news:slrn9k7c2n.ip.grante at
> I find that extremely hard to believe: tools that read source
> code and verify execution timing?  Of multi-threaded apps with
> unsyncrhonized inputs?
> That would be pretty amazing.

The Software Productivity Consortium developed such a tool around 1989 or
so, but I'm not sure how it panned out.  I just went to their web site
( and see no mention of it... even as part of their Test
Automation Framework.  This means the tool is only being used by the
original Consortium members (almost all aerospace companies) who paid for
the development, or the tool sucked and it was thrown away :)  I have no
clue, and can only say it had a lot of PhD types working on it for years, it
did read source code, and it used "stochastic petri nets" in some way for
the simulation.  Sorry I can't explain it any more than that... I was only
working on lowly tools for network management and administation :)


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