no traceback??

Tim Hammerquist tim at
Wed Jul 25 00:22:04 EDT 2001

Me parece que Rainy <sill at> dijo:
> On Mon, 23 Jul 2001 07:49:12 GMT, Tim Hammerquist <tim at> wrote:
> > Me parece que Rainy <sill at> dijo:
> >> Well, I'm asking in a general way, i.e. why could there be no traceback or
> >> error? This is not right. I mean, if a program runs into a problem, it should
> >> print some sort of feedback, at worst, a segfault? I haven't run into cases
> >> like this before when *NOTHING* is printed. In general, what sort of errors
> >> just quit silently?
> > 
> > I would guess that it _is_ raising an exception, but it's caught at some
> > point up in the call chain by an 'except: pass' clause.  What happens
> Nope, I looked for that..
> > right before the invisible error?  What is it doing at that point?
> I believe it was caused by termios.SOMETHING access which is good for
> 2.1 but in 2.0 it should be TERMIOS.SOMETHING. I still don't understand
> why it didn't give any error but I fixed that..

Does termios in Py2.1 automatically import the constants in TERMIOS?

No, hold on. Let me check...  Ah yes. TERMIOS is not deprecated.

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