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>Although not really happy about providing clues to some one that aims to make
>money from my suggestions, well, here it goes.
If it helps any, be confident that Dr. Mertz will
not be *making* money on this book; it might cover
a few expenses, though.
>- Perform interaction with other programs (either existing other programs, in a
>  PyExpect-like way (there is not a PyExpect yet, is there?)
>  For new programs, I will use XML techniques to exchange data.
Actually, there is; see <URL:*&num=25&hl=en&safe=off&rnum=1&ic=1& >

It's not in good shape, I believe.

Tcl-ers have offered to help make a new and better
Expect that'll be easy to integrate with Python.
It doesn't seem imminent, though; Pythoneers seem
to have other things on their minds.

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