SQL-SELECT against View via ODBC?

Bill Seitz fluxent at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 5 11:41:20 EDT 2001

I installed mxODBC, and confirmed that it does not have this bug, so
my problem is solved. I just have to pay for mxODBC now...

fluxent at yahoo.com (Bill Seitz) wrote in message news:<e2491a75.0107020921.3a773de2 at posting.google.com>...
> I established that the "cause" of the problem is that one of the
> tables in my view has a Text field. It's the last field in the base
> table, so those queries always worked fine. When I built the view, it
> was no longer the last field, so the error reared it's ugly head.
> Does anyone know whether mxODBC has this bug? The person who led me on
> this discovery thought so, but wasn't too sure...

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