Is Python Dead?

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Mon Jul 2 15:06:02 CEST 2001

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> > When am I forced?  Sadly it seems that integrating any other language
> > directly into MS Access is out of the question.  (Am I wrong?  Someone
> > please tell me if I am!)
> Depends what you mean by "directly".  With COM and ActiveScripting,
> it's generally not a problem to use Python or other AS-compliant languages
> with any Office or other Automation-enabled app, albeit with a simple
> passage through VBA or VBScript.

Define "simple"... what I want is to drop in Python in place of VBA.  I'm
still not sure it's possible.

> > The only other time is when I must work with dBase tables... but I would
> > hardly typify that as not being "good database support".

I can't get this URL to work... I am getting Forbidden errors.

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