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kevin parks kp87 at
Thu Jul 19 06:57:39 EDT 2001

With apologies to Jeff Sandys i have to say stay away from The Quick
Python Book. It is a miserable, unprofessional piece of sh*t. The
errata for the book is not to be believed and the book does not
discuss OOP in python well at all. It is very schizophrenic. At one
moment trying to be a beginner's book and the next being an intro for
experienced programmers. Also the "online" forum for the book seems to
have been abandoned as i haven't recieved any responces yet. I sort of
feel bad for the authors in some ways, as my main objection is the
errata. Frankly i was angry at myself for purchasing the book. I
recommend the ora Learning book, which is excellent and only a smidge
out of date and Chun's Core Python Programming.  Chun is brave and
takes on some things that the Quick book avoids. The Learning book
does a nice job on OOP topics and has a better flow than the Chun and
a bit better on your book bag, but the Chun is impressive and most up
to date and complete.

Jeff Sandys <sandysj at> wrote in message news:<3B45D9E7.BF5FB037 at>...
> Dave Stanton wrote:
> > What book (s) would people recommend for a beginner to python ?
> I prefer _The Quick Python Book_ by Daryl Harms and Kenneth McDonald.
> If you have some programming experience _Quick Python_ has more depth 
> than _Learning Python_ which is designed for true beginners.
> Thanks,
> Jeff Sandys

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