Debugging extension modules

Brian Quinlan BrianQ at
Fri Jul 13 19:56:02 CEST 2001

Gary wrote:
> I start Python from DOS, import the module and do some
> testing I must exit Python before I can delete the DLL.
> Is there a way to delete the DLL file without having to
> exit the IDE or Python?

AFAIK, these is not. Extension modules cannot be unloaded (probably
because there is no crossplatform way of doing so). PythonWin uses the
same python for running your scripts as it uses for itself. So it's
probably not a good idea to test unstable extensions in your
development environment.

The Komodo, Black Adder and Wing IDEs get around this problem by using
a new python instance for every run. Or you can just develop in
PythonWin and test from the commandline.


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