Newbie asks(2): How to do this line of C in Py?

- RZ rzantow at
Wed Jul 11 11:43:22 EDT 2001

Joe Potter <jm7potter at> wrote in message news:<7s9oktcv5vll2hberldlt51mcdg5qnitke at>...
> David,
> I have followed these questions with great interest. I hope he keeps asking for a
> while --- and folks here keep answering.
> As a newbie to Python, I find that the one liners in c are easy to follow and the
> translation into Python show me where I am missing Python techniques.
> My purpose in writing this is simply to say you are not just helping Mr. Wong when
> you respond.
> Regards, Joe

Well yeah, but.... 

Given a little context, the answers could vary considerably from the
line-at-a-time approach. There's a difference between transliteration
and translation. It might well be more educational to learn the best
Pythonic way to accomplish a task than to learn how to write C in

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