Going from webscripting to server-client software.

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Stephen <shriek at gmx.co.uk> wrote:
>Really, I'm trying to get away from a stateless, non-updated-in-realtime
>web app to more of a client app, something that might have been created
>in Delphi or VB in the past.  Especially since it might give us the 
>flexibility to integrate with other applications, such as the membership
>system and email apps. (The web just doesn't lend itself to building 
>look-ahead auto-complete fields for names, emails etc).
Your parenthetical comment ... well, yes, that
*certainly* is true.

People *do* use Delphi and VB plenty, even in
the present.

If you can make enough assumptions about your
Web client (that Java is enabled, and/or that
you're using Netscape and you are willing to
indulge in tricky multipart programming, and/or
...), you can get enough state to be useful.
A lot of people would say at that point that
you might as well do client-server without Web

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