Case insensitivity

Michael Ströder michael at
Fri Jul 20 11:04:31 EDT 2001

Sheila King wrote:
> As a high school computer science teacher, I must agree. I have been
> teaching C++ for the last couple of years,
> [..]
> But case-sensitivity was never an issue.
> [..]
> I don't
> remember this happening even once. There were many other bugs that made
> us tear our hair out, but never, never this.

Sheila, I completely agree. I also doubt that the academic studies
cited here about the benefits of case-insensitive programming
languages for beginners have any backing in the real world.

If a programmer forgets how he called his variable 20 lines above he
has to look it up. And he will do that. That's exactly what
cut&paste is for without any fancy,
automatic-capitalization-sanitizing GUI IDE.

Ciao, Michael.

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