Deposing Dictators

James Logajan JamesL at Lugoj.Com
Fri Jul 27 20:17:03 CEST 2001

"Rufus V. Smith" wrote:
> "Robin Becker" <robin at> wrote in message
> > Oh dear I sense a humour deficit :(
> I think it was just an emoticon deficit.

If the prose is well written or the readers well read, then there shouldn't
be a need for "emoticons". Of the hundreds of books I have, I don't think
any of them make use of emoticons. But virtually all of them were reviewed
by editors, so with Usenet you may need to supplement your writing with

I suspect Mr. van Rossum is probably not in the happiest of moods, what with
his suggested changes being challenged from many people for various reasons.
This influence would color anyone's reading.

By the way, the division issue is several years old. A lot of bits have
flowed on this issue. See for example:,40&start=0

Three years later the code base and programmer base are no doubt
considerably larger, so the inertia against change has probably grown too
large to deal with.

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