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Jeff Shannon jeff at
Tue Jul 17 12:37:29 EDT 2001

Paulo da Silva wrote:

> Hi,
> I am considering to use python in a middle sized project.
> I need to be able to build a standalone with a GUI (ex. tkinter)
> both for Windows and Linux, however.
> Is this possible? I read the FAQ and I saw it is possible to
> build a standalone, but I could not find if it is also
> possible when including a GUI. I don't care about to hide
> the code. Just to build a distributable standalone.

Yes, it is possible to build a standalone distribution using distutils
and/or MacMillan Installer with either Tkinter or wxPython (or, afaik,
any of the other GUI toolkits).  There may be specific arcana involved
for each toolkit, but it should be possible to find details from the
usual sources for that toolkit.

Jeff Shannon
Credit International

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