[ZOPE] External Method process limits?

alan runyan runyaga at thisbox.com
Mon Jul 9 06:48:25 CEST 2001

> Well, the code is cut and pasted from the Zope Book, so I am
> _assuming_ there are no errors in the script. And, like I
> said it works fine on other images.

I wouldnt assume anything.

> What I am trying to determine is if there are any
> limits set on External Methods which I might be running in
> to trying to process such a large image. I have looked
> through many pages of docs and everything seems to be
> saying that External Methods are unrestricted.
> Is that true?

from my experience, they are completely unrestricted.  You can now do this
w/ XXXPythonScripts, if interested ;)

the error message says you are getting a acquistionwrapper instead of a file
object.  so I think there is something different from what you are doing
with this one vs the other images that worked.  different object types or
something.  (?)  maybe something with the same name thats being acquired
from somewhere?

for future reference, ZOPE discussions should be kept to the zope mailing
lists. www.zope.org -- you will get answeres much faster and will be viewed
by a larger group of people interested in your problems.


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