basic (mx) ODBC question

Hanna Joo hanna at
Wed Jul 4 04:45:04 EDT 2001

Hi all

I don't understand ODBC well. From the little that I understand - postgresql
has its ODBC driver (on linux). I am connecting from windows. mxODBC is a
module I can use. mxODBC suggests that if I am connecting from windows, I
should (from here mad rambling because I don't know what the doc is saying)
compile using VC compiler on windows. I thought ==>

ODBC python talks to on windows -- ODBC manager on Win machine -- ODBC
module of pgsql.
(on win machine)                                 (between win machine and
linux server)    (linux server)

mxODBC has many subpackages for various DBs.. how does it work then? Does it
work like the following?

python talks (or uses) to mxODBC that is postgresql specific  -- ODBC module
of pgsql
(same machine)


python talks to mxODBC that creates an entry for win ODBC that is postgres
specific -- ODBC module of pgsql


python talks to ODBC on linux  -- iODBC on same machine -- ODBC module of
(same machine)

mxODBC has different subpackages as I said, one being Windows.. I don't
understand how that works.. different packages for different databases and
one for windows?

(realizing post lacks focus as a result of pathetic lack of understanding)

Can sombody direct me to a site where I may be able to find out more about
this ODBC issue?



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