Language change and code breaks

John W. Baxter jwbaxter at
Thu Jul 26 06:34:20 CEST 2001

In article <cpofq9a858.fsf at>, Guido van
Rossum <guido at> wrote:

> But never mind, I'm giving up on making *Python* case-insensitive.
I'm happy with that outcome...and I think the case-helping tools will
be useful in many situations.

> The hostility of the user community is frightening.
I hope I didn't come across as hostile, only somewhat unhappy.  I think
you've done a fantastic job with Python...that's why I slipped it into
the company (which was an early PSA corporate member, as I was an
individual member).

As it happens, my association with Python had its origins in a flood in
a local Tower copy of the first Programming Python still has
water damaged page bottoms, and the book was priced very nicely in the
flood sale.  I'm really happy that I was accidentally in the store on
the right weekend.


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