Is Python Dead?

Steve Holden sholden at
Fri Jul 6 14:31:24 EDT 2001

"Resty Cena" <rcena at> wrote ...
> Well thank you for jolting me out of my comfortable position sitting
> with my hands tucked between my pants and the chair. I donwloaded
> cx_Oracle and, yes, it's up. Now, would you happen to have, or know
> of, some materials (sample code, tips, tricks, techniques, tutorials)
> on getting started on programming *forms* based applications in Oracle
> and Python? That would be just great.
Well done! Hope the install went OK ;-). I presume you are talking about
GUI-based programs using Oracle rather than Oracle Forms stuff?  There is
some coverage in Hammond & Robinson's Programming Win32 in Python book, for
a start. Other people speak highly of Grayson's Python and Tkinter
programming, though it isn't my cup of tea. I'm not currently aware of
anything drag-and-drop which includes database awareness, but Boa
Constructor and BlackAdder GUI tools both have theie adherents.

Since you've taken the effort to get started I am reasonably sure that the GUI community will be out in force to help you (right, guys?) -
you've probably seen the regular threads on "Which GUI is the best" and
realise there's a choice.

I am currently working on a simple web-based framework for data editing,
which I plan to translate to one or other of the available GUIs, but that's
currently on the horizon. It will be open source when it's finished.


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