Is Python Dead? Long Live Python!

Edward Wilson web2ed at
Mon Jul 9 15:09:23 EDT 2001

Languages never die; they just fall out of use when they loose touch
with the contemporary.  Python will become more or less mainstream
(live or die) on it's own merits.

A scripting language should be good at scripting.  From my
observation, Python appears to be headed in more of an acedemic
direction rather than that of mainstream commerce.  Acedemics are
good, it's where technology comes from.  Unfortunately, I still
haven't found a way to make money using Python.  If I can't make money
with Python, then Python is dead to me.  I would imagine my voice
represents a small crowd of developers, who wish they too could make
money with and contribute to Python on a daily basis (on company

If this is so, Python won't bennefit from the best developers, the
developers who code for a living.  From what I can tell, PHP and Ruby
are flying past Python in acceptance rates.  The difference that I see
in these groups, is a sensitivity to industry, rather than an
adoration for pure acedemic elegance.

Beauty is only beauty if one can experience it.  I can't experience
Python on a day to day basis (in the workplace), so therefore I can't
appreciate it.

As far as ODBC--ODBC is too slow for what I do.  I'm using Oracle
Pro/C.  Most serious developers would agree that ODBC is slow. 
Wheather Java decides to use (cheat with) ODBC or not is Java's
problem.  Java is WAY too slow for serious development of any kind. 
If it weren't, it would be the perfect language--if that were

Yes, native drivers for all db vendors.  This is why I mentioned (in
an earlier post) that this should be a community effort.  Python could
break the door down if it paid more attention to the needs of the
commond professional.  Satellite controlers are great too, but
Priorities have meaining in a time of war.

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