Is there a K&R on Python?

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Wed Jul 4 06:47:08 EDT 2001

> From:	Nicola Musatti [SMTP:objectway at]
> I'm looking for a Python book to use as a desktop reference on the core
> language (rather than the library, available modules, third party
> toolkits, etc), neither a tutorial nor something meant for language
> lawyers only. Something analogous in style to Kernighan & Ritchie's "The
> C Programming Language" would be perfect. Any suggestions?
Hmmm. I thought K&R *was* a tutorial.

Anyway, there are two books which nearly fit the bill. The first is Mark
Lutz's 'Python Pocket Reference' (O'Reilly). This is *very* similar in style
and content to the on-line quick reference (see
<>). It covers Python
1.5.1 - I don't know if a 2.1 version is planned.

The other is David Beazley's 'Python Essential Reference' (New Riders). This
is rather larger, and covers both the core language and most of the Standard
Library. The 2nd edition was published recently, and covers Python 2.1. To
me, this really *is* essential. YYMV.

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