Guido van Rossum is secretly Rick Moranis

Frank "Jiggy Wid It" Lomax lomax at
Fri Jul 20 17:30:45 CEST 2001

Guido is not Rick Moranis because Rick is too short.  Guido is
secretly Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Here's a picture from the
PythonLabs 2.1 Release Party, smuggled out by a concerned insider and
secretly posted on a Schwarzenegger tribute page:

They are dressed as Vikings and are singing the "Spam" song from the
classic Monty Python sketch.  That's Tim on the right, and (I've been
told) Barry on the left, before he cut off his rock star hair.  Of
course, Guido gets the big hat.  Fred and Jeremy, drank a little too
much of the "Snake Juice" and were... indisposed.

that's-not-got-much-spam-in-it-ly y'rs, - frank

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