Memory Leak? Considering Tcl/Tk Instead...

Paul Prescod paulp at
Mon Jul 2 15:48:11 CEST 2001

"Stephen D. Cohen" wrote:
> Gang,
>      I hope someone can help, as I am at a loss.  I have a Python
> program that is the front end for a realtime system.  The realtime
> code sends data to the front panel in the form of Python statements
> which are executed in a handler by use of the eval statement.  The
> handler looks like this:

Is there any reason for the eval statement? It's probably your problem.
Python is a little bit different than Tcl. Using eval is rare. More
structured mechanisms are typically more robust, give better error
recovery, have better security and don't have a memory leak.,8&

>      I am a long time Tcl/Tk user considering using Python for a new
> project.  I would love to have access to Python's object oriented
> features and vast library, but if this is the sort of quality I can
> expect, I'll stick with Tcl - thank you very much.

No need to be snarky. If you use Python as Python, it will work fine.
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