Case insensitivity

Quinn Dunkan quinn at
Fri Jul 20 21:20:03 EDT 2001

On Fri, 20 Jul 2001 18:23:25 GMT, Matt <canimalatmydejadotcom at> wrote:
>> Dan Bergan wrote:
>>> (Declare the variable in mixed-case)
>>> Dim myVariable as Integer
>>> (then I purposely type in the wrong case when I use 'myVariable')
>>> myvaraible = 1  '<==TYPO!
>That's what Dan is saying he likes about VB.  It will tell you about typos 
>if your variables are mixed case.
>The auto-case correction in VB will inform Dan that he has made a typo, 
>because the editor "snaps" variable names into their declared 
>capitalization as soon as they are typed.  In the example above, when Dan 
>hits the spacebar after "myvaraible", the text will remain all lowercase 
>because "myvaraible" is not declared, and Dan will know he has made an 
>I do most of my programming in VB, I exploit this feature the same way Dan 
>does, and I have had trouble getting used to Python's case sensitivity.

Well, if what you like is the typo notification, wouldn't you rather have a
feature that underlines undeclared variable names?  Sounds like you're relying
on a side-effect feature which sort of does what you want while training your
fingers to make lots of mistakes on an editor without that feature.

Besides, that more or less forces you to use inSanely ugly smallTalkLike
camelCase names ;)

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