sys.stdin.readlines() in 2.2a ?

Martin von Loewis loewis at
Mon Jul 30 08:44:37 EDT 2001

"CCLittle" <nospam at> writes:

> Hi all, I'm trying to learn and master python.  I encountered an
> example in "Programming Python 2nd Edition" by Mark Lutz that used
> sys.stdin.readlines(), which does not exist in python 2.2a.

I still have it in my 2.2a1 copy on Solaris. What system are you

> 1. Where did it go?

It did not go away.

> 2. What kind of problems am I going to get by doing examples written
> for 1.5.2 but on 2.2a?

Very few. I might not remember all potential problems, so I won't
attempt to list them here.

> 3. Where can I get information on this sort of changes?

Andrew Kuchling always publishes an article on new features, which
always offer advise for compatibility as well. These are

For Python 1.6, the information is somewhat merged into the 2.0
document above. An independently-developed document is at

For a detailed list of changes, see Misc/NEWS in the Python sources.


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