Is there a K&R on Python?

Nick Efford nde at
Mon Jul 9 09:23:05 EDT 2001

On 6 Jul 2001 15:55:36 -0700, Rupert Scammell <rupe at> wrote:

> First off, don't bother with Mark Lutz's larger book, "Programming
> Python" (  It's big, but
> intended to teach the language, and not act as a reference.

Yes, not a reference work - but I wouldn't say it is intended
to teach the language, either.  You really need to have read a
tutorial like the one with the standard Python docs, or the
O'Reilly "Learning Python" book, first.  I think PP's strength
is in helping those who know the basics to see what is possible
using the language.  I've found it particularly helpful as an
introduction to Tkinter programming.  It also has very useful
stuff on interaction with external programs and how this
differs on Unix and Windows...


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