Steve Holden sholden at
Wed Jul 18 14:11:30 CEST 2001

"noverius pinem" <noveriuspinem at> wrote in ...
> How we do "WINDOWS PROGRAMMING" with Python?
> - making the windows
> - create the controls
> - etc
> - etc
> - etc
> HELP...
> Please.

We normally go to and load Mark Hammond's win32all
extensions, or even just download ActivePython (which comes with win32all).
If it's especially important we then buy Hammond and Robinson's "Python
Programming on Win32", which explains in detail how to use *some* of this
large and generally high-quality library.

PythonWin, which comes as a part of win32all, is built around MFC
components, and gives you access to many of the MFC widgets. Many of the
APIs you want are included in the libraries (though Mark Hammond keeps
nudging the score up).


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