Language change and code breaks

Guido van Rossum guido at
Tue Jul 17 09:13:36 EDT 2001

philh at (phil hunt) writes:

> >I also don't want to fork the code base.  
> Does that imply that you sare no longer interested in making 
> radical changes to Python, such as case-insensitive identifiers
> mentioned in CP4E?

I still have the same end goal, but I believe there must be a way to
obtain it without too much disturbance.  Case-sensitivity, for
example, may be a tool feature rather than a language feature, or it
may be a user option or a langage-level choice.  (Not that I've
figured out exactly how to do this, but TeachScheme makes this an
option.)  Note that case-sensitivity is also controversial: the Alice
folks found it a problem, but the VPython folks have not confirmed
this (while they did confirm the integer division trap).

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