Python 2 times slower than Perl

neil bromehead neil at
Fri Jul 20 09:52:14 CEST 2001

"Greg Jorgensen" <gregj at> wrote in message news:<X%M57.379696$p33.7613309 at>...
> "Patrick W." <hard2bsome1 at> wrote:
> > To get a better understanding of which languages it benefits us to
> > learn and teach. Also to get a better understanding of which languages
> > are best used in the "real world", given a set of tradeoffs between
> > development time and program performance.
> >
> > Sounds reasonable enough to me.
> Discussion of languages and their applications in teaching or professional
> work is fine, I'm all for that. But how does comparing benchmarks of Perl
> vs. Python help in that regard? Serious programmers know that such
> discussions are often wrong, usually irrelevant, and about as useful as
> comparing the speed of a Toyota Camry vs. a Honda Accord. The
> less-than-serious programmers apparently find deep meaning in these
> comparisons; apparently they believe they must find the "best" language
> because they can learn and use only one.

it all depends on how you drive !!!!!

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