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Ville Vainio vvainio at karhu.tp.spt.fi
Tue Jul 24 01:49:09 EDT 2001

tim at vegeta.ath.cx (Tim Hammerquist) writes:

> glad you have found a language that works better for you than Perl

A year ago I had nothing against Perl; it seemed wonderful to have
only one "special purpose" (text processing & extraction) language to
learn, instead of several (awk, sed, whatever). It's still great for
throwaway scripts for log analyzing/whatever. I didn't turn to python
because I had problems with Perl; I looked into it because I like
looking into different languages, and found it superior to perl
(though, like everybody, I was initially suspicious of the whitespace
thing... :-). This is probably what happened to most other pythonistas
as well. 

Perl niche in a nutshell:

while (<>) {
	next line if (something) ;
	dostufffor $_;

> seemed to. Hell, if there were no beauty, why am I still using it? ;)

To better exploit your existing skill set? To justify reading all
those entertaining books about the language (I occasionally browse
Programming Perl just for the laughs)?

Speaking of beauty, think of the iterators & generators in
Py2.2... yummy.

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