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Sun Jul 15 22:43:32 EDT 2001

Not sure whether either of these links will help, but they do provide some
useful information. The first is an article on selection of a language for
an application, the second is a critique of C++ with comparisons with other
OO languages mentioned:

Hope these help,


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> Where can I find a reasonably non-partisan but also reasonably
> detailed comparison of the more popular OO languages (C++, Java,
> Python, etc.).  (All the comparisons I've found are clearly slanted to
> demonstrate the superiority of the authors' favorite OO language--I'm
> sure it would be easy to find one written by unapologetic Python
> advocates :-)  )
> I'm not looking to find out which of these languages is "better"; I
> don't care for ranking here.  What I want to know is how the various
> popular OO languages compare in terms of OO and general programming
> features (e.g. multiple inheritance; classes-as-objects; garbage
> collection; closures; scoping; contracts; debugging; etc.).
> Thanks,
> KJ

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