Case insensitivity

Michael Linnemann m.linnemann at
Sat Jul 21 09:21:09 EDT 2001

Am Fri, 20 Jul 2001 14:01:28 -0600 Paul Sidorsky wrote:

>Case-insensitivity isn't necessarily a bad idea but I think if it's
>going to be done a more concrete solution needs to be found.  A command
>line option just sounds like a quick-fix idea to me.

> about:

>from __alternativestyles__ import caseinsensitivity
>Anybody who has the patience to type that in at the start of every
>program is automatically qualified to use case-insensitivity in my book,
>because I'd be the first to flunk this test.  :-)

Another proposal: make a tool ("Python Pretty Printer") that scans your
code and adjusts it for the - still case sensitive - Interpreter. Maybe
the way VB does it, maybe in a smarter way. Personally, I would prefer
such a tool over a "smart" editor that guesses wrong most of the time,
or an interpreter that might or might not be case sensitive, depending
on options or directives.

But then, such a tool already exists. It even detects wrong indentation
etc., and as a side effect, it runs my python code once I got right :-)


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