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Wed Jul 11 20:50:34 EDT 2001

"crombie" <crombie88 at> wrote:

> so, i wanna learn python.

Welcome and congratulations. I think you're in for an interesting 

> i read the docs on  what do i do now? is there like a
> website with a list of starter projects that need to be done in
> python to prove you know it and help you learn it? 
> at a complete loss, will appreciate direction.  any direction 

Mailing lists:

1. This one has attracted some of the smartest people I've ever 
seen--displaying an amazing range and depth of knowledge. The 
downside is that it can be heavy going (or heavy weather) at times.

2. Join the tutorial list that's available via This may 
be the most important thing you can do.


Wesley Chun's "Core Python" has an excellent reputation. Wesley 
himself is very helpful on the tutorial list.


If you're using MS Windows then go to and 
get everything you'll need to get started. If it ain't obvious what to 
download ask again on one of these lists.


Learn to use either IDLE or PythonWin on windows. If by any 
chance you're old enough to have learnt APL you'll immediately 
recognise the benefits of being able to try out statements and then 
immediately incorporate them into bigger chunks of code.


Can't really help there. Ask on the tutorial list?

Enjoy, enjoy.


Bill Bell, Software Developer

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