The standard library

Paul Prescod paulp at
Sun Jul 1 13:16:44 EDT 2001

Tim Peters wrote:
> [Paul Prescod, with many good gripes about the libraries]
> > ...
> > I do feel that this is a problem that only PythonLabs could really
> > address because a library overhaul would be large, pervasive,
> > controversial and would require Guido's approval at every step.
> Guido knows this, if for no other reason than that Eric Raymond keeps
> reminding him of it.  PEP 2 is supposed is the first step on this path.

Insofar as PythonLabs seems to be working through a list of "nagging
issues" that have plagued Python for years, I suggest that the next most
pressing issue is the standard library. Eric Raymond has various "day
jobs" so his availability is probably non-deterministic.

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