Keys To The Kingdom

Mike Brenner mikeb at
Wed Jul 11 07:52:55 EDT 2001

Alex wrote:
the code below works on unix (freebsd) and IDLE on win2k, but not python itself
on win2k...

while 1:
        x = raw_input().upper()
        print x
    except KeyboardInterrupt:
        print "Leaving Dodge...\n"


This code works for me on Python 2.1 with windows extensions and wxpython, for all 96 graphic characters.

It beeps for all control characters except control c, control z, and control v. 
Control c is set up to copy.
Control v is set up to paste.
Control z is set up to undo.

None of the arrows, control keys, or function keys have any of their special functions or print anything to the little screen that pops up for input.

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