standard enumerations in python?

Greg Copeland gtcopeland at
Fri Jul 20 11:46:42 EDT 2001

Pleaes forgive me if this is already well know, as usual, I have made an
effort to locate this information before posting, which did include DejaNews,
python searches, and a quick peek at the PEP page.  At any rate, after
lots of searching, I have found a half dozen ways to do enumerations in
python, but have yet to find an officially "blessed" python implementation.
So, I have a couple of questions:  Is there a PEP which addresses enumerating
in Python?  If so, has it been adopted and/or implemented?  Where does everyone
stand on enumerations and Python?

For what it's worth, one of the implementations that I found was done by
Fred Gansevles <gansevle at>, which seems to work pretty well.


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