the center of the world (was Re: Check out O'Reilly's Open Source Convention Highlights)

Alex Martelli aleaxit at
Sat Jul 7 17:08:04 EDT 2001

"Keith F. Woeltje" <kwoeltje at> wrote in message
news:3B471BA4.7050306 at
> Saw this on slashdot and thought of this thread. Here's what the Debian
> folks did. My trig is pretty rusty, so I'm not sure the method is correct.

Thanks for the reference (and I thought I was being original...!), but
it seems to me the algorithm they're using is exactly the one that has
been proven wrong on this thread: they compute the 3D center and
project it back onto the sphere's surface.  Intuitively appealing, but
just doesn't work right...


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