Singleton classes (with no such thing as static variables)

Gregory Bond gnb at
Thu Jul 12 20:20:03 EDT 2001

Giles Constant <gilesc at> writes:

> (with respect to constant/variable data, I'm actually passing around a
> class which can provide database cursors from a single active connection,
> but I can do something with what you've pointed me at!)

Here's what I use for exactly this:

In module dbhandle:
import Sybase

__the_db = None

def db():
    Create the singleton database handle if required and return it.
    global __the_db
    if __the_db is None:
        __the_db = Sybase.connect(<connect arguments...>)
    return __the_db
In the client code
from dbhandle import db

db().execute('use databasename')
#..... etc

which works well enough for our purposes.

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